For the past twenty years, Ludmila has been a trusted healer and a teacher for her patients and students. Her success is in combining the energy healing methods she learned in Russia with Reiki and hypnosis. Here are important milestones in her professional career:

Graduated from School of Alternative Medicine at Medical University, Kiev Ukraine - 1988 – 1991
Initiation - 1991
Discovered Symbol (Talisman) Protective Shield - 1992
Founded Extrasensory Advice, Chicago IL - 1993
Discovered Code for Heart Disease - 1993
Developed Meditation Technique - 1993
Discovered Symbol (Talisman) Guardian - 1993
Became Certified Reiki Master - 1994
Became Certified Hypnotherapist - 1994
Founded Reiki School - 1995
Discovered Code for Diabetes - 1996
Discovered Code for Energy Balancing - 2000
Discovered Code to Open Chakras - 2000
Obtained results of charged Water Research by a University of Chicago scientist - 2007
Discovered Symbol (Talisman) Healing Ray - 2010

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