About Ludmila

For the past twenty-five years, Ludmila has been a trusted healer and a teacher for her patients and students. Her success is in combining the energy healing methods she learned in Russia with Reiki. Here are important milestones in her professional career:

Graduated from School of Alternative Medicine at Medical University, Kiev Ukraine - 1988 - 1991
Initiation - 1991
Discovered Symbol (Talisman) Protective Shield - 1992
Founded Extrasensory Advice, Chicago IL - 1993
Discovered Code for Heart Disease - 1993
Developed Meditation Technique - 1993
Discovered Symbol (Talisman) Guardian - 1993
Became Certified Reiki Master Teacher - 1994
Became Certified Hypnotherapist - 1994
Founded Reiki School - 1995
Discovered Code for Diabetes - 1996
Discovered Code for Energy Balancing - 2000
Discovered Code to Open Chakras - 2000
Obtained results of charged Water Research by a University of Chicago scientist - 2007
Discovered Symbol (Talisman) Healing Ray 2010
Created iMeditate App - 2015
Designed the Shield Pendent charged with Universal Energy - 2018

Thank you for visiting my site. I enjoy meeting new people who are enriching their lives with meaning. I hope to see you soon. Be well.