Distant Healing

“Enhance the quality of your life with energy healing from the comfort of your own home”

Ludmila’s healing practices extend beyond her immediate surroundings through a perfected form of Distant Healing to enhance the quality of life of people around the world.

Distant Healing is achieved by directing conscious, dedicated meditation toward another person to benefit their physical and emotional well being from a distance. This can be achieved over the phone, or with the use of Internet video call applications such as Skype. The power of Distant Healing is equal to that of hands-on energy healing treatments and is used to reduce stress, anxiety, surgery discomfort, and depression, as well as increasing personal growth, relaxation, creativity, and clarity. Additionally, distant healing improves relationships and performance in public speaking, interviews and auditions. You can make an appointment for a Distant Healing session on the day of your significant engagement or performance. After the session, you will feel more confident, calm and comfortable. Unnecessary vibrations will not bother you. You will feel balanced and protected and because of that you will choose the best options and solutions on your important day.