The Shield Pendant

The Shield Pendant charged with Universal Energy

The Shield pendant provides support and empowerment. It protects you from negative influences and dependencies. It brings strength, uncovers intuition and creates inner harmony. It guards you from actions of envious and spiteful people. This pendant will bring you good luck and will put you on the road to self-improvement. In a situation where you need to protect yourself from unwanted influences, hold it, visualize it or meditate with it. Formulate your desire to be protected or to eliminate the source of negativity. The negative vibrations will no longer affect you, but the source of those vibrations will remain unharmed. Thanks to the constant protection of the Shield and elimination of the negative outside influences you will always be able to remain true to yourself, improve yourself with grace, receive and retain new information with ease, see circumstances more clearly and make the right decisions.

The unique properties of the pendant allow you to meditate with it. We encourage you to do so because the more you do, the stronger it becomes. A specific meditation for it can be found by going to or by downloading the iMeditate app on GooglePlay or iTunes.

You can download our FREE iMeditate app from Google play or App Store.