Charged Water

For the past twenty-five years, Ms. Ludmila Goretsky has used water charged with Universal Energy, a potent method to provide healing power to her clients.

Water can act as a healing agent if charged with Universal Energy. It absorbs tangible information such as pollution, as well as intangible information such as human thoughts and emotions.

Combining the power of traditional energy healing with charged water generates incredible results. Ludmila charges water for each person individually, depending on his or her state of health and particular personal problems. Charged water is effective on patients with a variety of illnesses and conditions, including gastro-intestinal problems and stomach flu viruses, with a person’s body temperature stabilizing soon after drinking the water. The digestion processes are restored and the patient recovers remarkably fast.

Is there scientific research to support this?

Scientists analyzed nine samples of charged water and one sample of non-charged water from the same source. They created an experiment to test the water using human embryonic kidney cell cultures. In multiple cells, the scientists simulated experimental conditions under which cells would typically die after eight to ten days. As a result, the wells containing unchanged drinking water showed significantly more dramatic cell death (50-80%) than the wells with charged water (30%). The results of the experiment demonstrate that charged water has a stimulating effect on kidney cell cultures. The results of the study are shown in the histogram below.