Spiritual Growth

We all have an inner desire for happiness, yet we rush through life, forgetting to take a deep breath and meditate on the meaning of life. At some point, we are forced by circumstances to put on the brakes. Some of us make a gradual stop by listening to what our bodies tell us, and paying attention to how we treat ourselves (through intelligent exercise, diet, etc.). However, others are forced to make a sudden stop when faced with a physical or mental sickness, loss of a loved one, a career challenge, or another difficult life event.

Ludmila meets most of her patients at a critical point in their lives when they are searching for support and guidance and are ready to begin incorporating energy healing into their practice of health and wellness. Just as we manage our lifestyle by going to the gym, making educated nutritional choices, and managing stress and interactions with others, with the help of Ludmila’s techniques, we can learn to protect and nurture our energy field.

Although energy healing is an intangible concept for many, those who patiently embrace it begin to pay more attention to how their physical and mental state is affected by the presence of different energies in our lives.

Ludmila's objective is to help each patient to not only address the immediate challenge he or she is facing, but also to help him or her find inner direction for a spiritual enfoldment. The challenges become a door of opportunity to open up hidden potential and inner strengths and peace. With Ludmila's thorough knowledge and natural gift of energy channeling, she is able to see an aura around each patient as if it were a musical instrument, for which she finetunes each string to create harmony and inner peace in the patient's life. To further advance results of her work, she uses energy charged symbols called Talismans and Amulets that act as sacred tools for the sustainability of patients' healing process and inner transformation after they leave her office.

When someone attempts to bring back lost love by asking an energy practitioner to attract an ex-partner, or help someone to make more money, they are trying to “cheat” and find an easy way out. These types of intentions represent an interference with free will and universal law, which is not the ethical way of living and practicing the art of energy healing.

Ludmila's goal is to help her patients to tackle life challenges with dignity, strong will and determination in their own abilities to overcome problems while respecting ethical laws of living by setting sincere, positive and honest intentions.