About Extrasensory Advice

Our bodies are always speaking to us, but do we know how to listen? When we encounter emotional and physical discomfort in our lives, how do we seek relief? We are inundated with superficial "quick-fix" remedies for our problems, but when these problems resurface, often in the form of chronic disease and pain, it is our wakeup call to tune in and start healing from the inside out.

Ms. Ludmila Goretsky is a master of alternative healing medicine, the holistic approach to restoring the body's natural balance for optimal health. Her practice is based on ancient wisdom that restores synergy between the body, mind, and soul by accessing Universal Energy. Through her expertise in energy healing, hypnotherapy, Reiki, guided meditation, and charged symbols she helps clients illuminate their inner-self by eliminating emotional blocks underlying chronic physical discomfort.

Ludmila was initiated into the sacred knowledge of energy healing by a Russian guru, and for the past twenty-five years, she has been a trusted healer and a teacher for her patients and students.