Charged Symbols

To further advance results of her work, Ludmila uses energy-charged symbols that anchor the sustainability of patients’ healing processes and inner transformations after they leave her office.

Back in ancient times people used symbols for protection, healing, and many other purposes. Symbols were created by enlightened souls who received initiation into sacred teachings. Using symbols, images and numerology, Talismans are created.

The art of Symbol and Talisman creation is very unique and different for every master. For example, the most recognized symbols today were created during sacred ceremonies and rituals. Masters are able to channel the required energy to produce symbols that perform specific functions.

Ludmila’s work uniquely channels Universal Energy into the creation of the symbols, so they possess protective, healing, supportive and other properties. It is also important to note that Ludmila charges each symbol individually for every patient. If the symbol is not charged, it will not work, just like the human body is not alive without essential life energy.

How do Symbols work?

While creating Symbols, Ludmila channels energy during deep meditation that infuses the Symbol with the informational charge. After energy is transmitted into the Symbol, it carries information that is coded to perform specific functions: to protect, to provide support, or to heal.

How Symbols Can Help You

Symbols charged with Universal Energy can provide protection from negative vibrations created by unpleasant atmospheres or malevolent people. Some people have stronger energy fields or protective shields than others. Therefore, some of you may feel that you are able to sustain negative influences and do not need any extra help, but some might feel that you would like to have protection, especially when your guard is off or when you feel tired, distracted, or unbalanced. When you find yourself in a situation where you need a protective shield, simply visualize or think about your Talisman, or if you are wearing the Talisman (as a pendant with an engraving), touch it with your hand. You can formulate your objective - for example, saying “may my anger toward this individual not affect me in any way.” The Talismans can help you maintain the protective shield and enable you to come out strong from a negative situation you encounter while not creating any damage or hurting another person.