About iMeditate

Symbols and Empowerment

iMeditate uses Symbols to heighten the effect of mediation in a short amount of time.
In ancient times people used symbols for protection, healing, and many other purposes. Symbols were created by enlightened souls who received initiation into sacred teachings. The art of Symbol creation is very unique and different for every master of meditation and healing. The most recognized symbols today were created during sacred ceremonies and rituals. While incorporating specific objects, words, attire, numbers of people, times, and locations, meditation and healing masters were able to channel the required energy to produce symbols that perform specific functions. Ludmila Goretsky is a meditation and healing master, whose work uniquely channels Universal Energy into the creation of the symbols, so they possess protective, healing, supportive and other properties. She created these meditations for you.

Meditating with symbols can establish a connection between you and the Universal Energy and provide protection from negative vibrations created by unpleasant atmospheres or negative people. Some people have stronger energy fields or protective shields than others. You may feel that you would like to have protection, especially when your guard is off or when you feel tired, distracted, or unbalanced. When you find yourself in a situation where you need a protective shield, meditate with the Symbols. You can formulate your objective - for example, saying “may another individual’s anger at me not affect me in any way.” The Symbols can help you maintain the protective shield and enable you to come out strong from the negative situation you encounter while not creating any damage or hurting another person.

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