Energy Healing

Healing Energy Therapy is a new way to think about healing. It is a method of balancing energy in the person's biological field through the practitioner's hands and obtaining additional energy from the Universal Energy Field. This exchange is done in the auric field around the physical body. It restores harmony and balance to the individual.

Ludmila brings over twenty-five years of experience in healing and delivers a unique combination of Eastern European healing methods with Reiki to treat the following problems:

Panic Attacks
Back and neck pains
Intestinal problems
Stomach problems
Cancer Management
Other physical and emotional issues

A session lasts 30 to 60 minutes and a course of therapy lasts anywhere from 3 sessions to several months. However, the number of sessions a client needs depends upon the individual’s unique healing process. This healing process is often performed in conjunction with treatments by a medical doctor to speed up the results.
BMy goal is to help a patient maintain or restore a natural balance of energy. By unblocking and rebalancing this energy, health becomes possible, and we are able to open ourselves to the experience of well-being.Ludmila Goretsky

Energy healing can also benefit cancer patients:

1. During treatment, energy is directed into healthy cells to strengthen and revitalize the patient’s physical body.
2. Sessions provide welcome relief from difficult symptoms associated with side effects of cancer treatment drugs.
3. Pain and fatigue are alleviated between treatments.
4. Emotional and mental nourishment provided by Ludmila’s healing sessions support the patient’s belief in his or her own power to heal.
5. Sessions can be offered to patients’ friends and relatives as well, via individual or group meditation sessions, as a means of helping loved ones cope with the stress of the disease.
6. Distant healing sessions are available for patients outside of the Chicagoland area.
7. Detoxification is very important, especially during and between traditional treatments. Energy charged water will infuse your body with positive energy. More information is available at here
8. Ludmila believes in taking an integrative approach to support health in cancer patients and will gladly collaborate with other holistic professionals and your current team of experts to provide a customized program that includes energy healing.